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Bed Buddy | Utilitrac | Strap Rack

Bed Buddy™
comes in three sizes

  • Three (3) wheel slots
  • Hardware included
  • Three sizes (mini, mid, full)
  • Can be mounted permanently
  • 11lbs

Bed Buddy™ Full-size 62"

Bed Buddy™ Mini-size 53.75 "

Bed Buddy™ Mid-size 57 "

Strap Rack

Utilitrack HD Hook

Utilitrack MC Wheel Chock

  • 3rd bike extension (sold separately)
  • no bolting required

Utilitrac | Bed Buddy | Strap Rack

If you happen to have a Titan that is equipped with Nissan’s innovative Utilitrac bed rail system, we have some trick little items for you.  We have a great alternative for the bulky, often stolen factory tie-down cleat.  Our Heavy Duty Tie-Down Hook is simple, effective, better looking, easier to use and is less susceptible to being stolen then the factory Nissan units.  We also have an innovative Motorcycle Tire Chock to keep your front wheel in place when traveling to your favorite riding spot.  Our accessories are simple to use and can be quickly repositioned on the Utilitrac with the supplied allen wrench.  We also has a bicycle fork mount and a 3rd bike extender in the works for the Utilitrac as well.

CCR007 CCR Sport Utilitrac Heavy Duty Tie-down Hook

Specially designed for the Nissan Utilitrac system, the CCR Sport Heavy Duty Tie-down hook is a bullet proof accessory that can be used to safely secure your payload in to the bed of your truck.  Our innovative design is lighter weight, easier to use, less bulky and less apt to be stolen then the factory cleats.  So whether you are looking for factory replacements, or additional tie-down points, these hooks are a must have product.


CCR008 CCR Sport Utilitrac Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Specially designed for the Nissan Utilitrac system, the CCR Sport Motorcycle Wheel Chock is a must have product for your motorcycle hauling needs.  The chock holds your motorcycles front wheel in place, thus preventing your wheel from turning to the side, which could cause your motorcycle to become loose and even fall over.  So get yourself a set of these chocks and have a stress free trip to your next riding adventure.  Works with all size tires, from bicycles to large street tires.

Strap Rack | Utilitrac | Bed Buddy

CCR006 CCR Sport Strap Rack

If you’re like us, then you most likely have the same tangled up pile of tie-downs on your garage floor that we do.  Well, thanks our new Strap Rack we have not only managed to rescue our wadded up pile of tie-downs from the garage floor dust monster, but we were able to spruce up our work shop in the process. Manufactured from Type 304 #4 stainless steel, The Strap Rack is not only extremely rugged, but looks very clean and high-tech as well.  Our innovative design features 12 hook slots for up to 6 sets of tie-downs and the wall mounting holes are exactly 16” apart for secure mounting between the studs on your garage wall.  The Strap Rack can also be used to secure items to your trailer walls such as canopies, ladders, chairs, brooms, etc.  We recommend that trailer owners purchase at least 2 Strap Racks, as you can keep your tie-downs from swinging back and forth by securing the top and bottom hook of your tie straps.